10 Richest Bollywood Actors of 2016 – Real Net Worth

Hollywood is often seen as the Mecca of the rich and famous. However, in the international market few places can rival it’s Indian sister: Bollywood. Well known for superb musical numbers and over the top action films, many stars have made a living performing in movies that would rival any film in the world. Bollywood Actors are slowly making their impression in the world cinema and is next best film industry to Hollywood.Here is our top ten list of the richest actors in India.

Saif Ali Khan Net Worth – $40 Million

saifStarting off this list is Saif Ali Khan, a prominent Bollywood actor and producer. Khan, coming from a lineage of Northern Indian princes, has inherited quite a bit of his wealth from his family, including the funds required for a very stately mansion within Mumbai. Unfortunately, what he seems to have not inherited is the proper temperament of a prince; Both in 2008 and 2012 Khan had allegedly assaulted multiple individuals, including a photographer and an elderly gentleman.