10 Things That Will Happen To You When You’re Dying !

Life after death is very interesting !. Science haven’t yet proved, what its like after death. Though many people who have had “Out of the Body Experience “, tell the world a different tale. To witness what actually will happen, u need to wait till you are dead, but we bring you 10 things that this world have known to see when we are dying !

You Can See Your Body

2x1_DeanFindsHisDyingBodyMany people have this “out of body experience” and see their lifeless body beneath them when they are technically dead. That means they are an incorporeal spirit floating above their body. They can see everything that is going on in the room and who is in it. Any attempt to restore connectivity between the consciousness and physical body fails, leaving the person frantic for several moments.

You will see – The Light

Walk into the light
Walk into the light

The vast majority of people who have died reported seeing the famous “light at the end of the tunnel.” It is the most common occurrence that people have when they are technically dead.

Guardian Angels

angelNumerous people claimed to see at least one angel or spirit looking over them and seemingly taking care of them during their brief pit stop in death’s grasp. Some say they are aided by the spirit through the afterlife before they are sent back into their body.

Hell Escorts


Some people claimed to see at least one demonic spirit who comes to ‘drag them ‘to hell. Based on your DEEDS done in your lifetime, you may not earn a place in Heaven, thus you will need to be taken to hell. That’s why its important to to gain GOOD KARMA

You Are Visited By Your Mother


Many people say they were visited by their mother through visions while they are on their deathbed and/or dead.

Seeing Dead Relatives


If you have a large family, get ready to see them again in the afterlife. Many people who have died and come back to life say that they saw their relatives while stopping off in the afterlife. Apparently some of them are even greeted by what appears to be a large party thrown by their dead relatives.

Life Flash


Get ready to relive your best and worst moments. Many people see their lives flash before their eyes in near death or even post death experiences. They’ll see their accomplishments and their memories play out before their eyes, like a slideshow of their life.

You Can See Everyone And Hear Them

lessons-taught-on-death-bedA lot of people recount their ability to see the people in the room with them and attempt to interact with them but they can’t because their body is lifeless and their spirit/consciousness remains awake. Every attempt to get the people around them to acknowledge them is futile.

Experience Peace


By a very large majority, the deceased that have returned to the living have said they felt an overwhelming sense of peace and calm. It is so powerful and loving that the soul/consciousness doesn’t know how to comprehend such a calming sense.

You Don’t Want To Return


According to numerous reports, the experience of death is so peaceful and calming that many people who experience it do not wish to return to waking life. Imagine feeling something so good that you don’t want to return to the life you have been fighting to so hard to retain.
During this life, we may never truly know what happens once we pass away. Perhaps there will be a bright light and many loved ones… or maybe we will just feel happy, loved and warm. But one thing is certain… if a person passed away and felt like they were in heaven, only to be expelled and brought back? Well, that would feel like hell.