17 Celebs That Look Way Better with Glasses

Whether you call them spectacles or specs, eyeglasses, glasses or goggles, you might have never guessed that nearly 30 percent of Americans need corrective lenses. What’s even more shocking is that the majority of those people choose to wear glasses instead of contacts! Why then are so many people in a rush to get contacts or pay top dollar for corrective surgery? What’s wrong with glasses?

Thanks to childhood taunts like “four-eyes” and “geeky specs” being common on the playground, it’s no surprise that many people feel like glasses might make them look less cool or more like a dork or a dweeb. However, this may not be the case for much longer thanks to eyeglass designers who debut modern lines and celebrities who walk the red carpet looking beautiful and bespectacled. Who said glasses were dorky again?

Proving that glasses are definitely in style, some celebrities wear them to make a fashion statement while others wear them out of necessity and are far from ever being called dorks, geeks and dweebs. So, are you curious as to which celebrities looked hotter wearing their glasses than not? Let’s take a look at these 17 celebs who look way better with glasses and see if you agree!

17Ryan Gosling

One of Hollywood’s hottest actors with boy-next-door good looks, Ryan Gosling first started breaking hearts in the early 1990s on Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club. He then transitioned into film with small roles in hits like Remember the Titans before capturing the hearts of fans as Noah Calhoun in the 2004 romantic drama The Notebook. Now an A-list star, Gosling is known for his award winning performances in movies like Lars and the Real Girl and Crazy, Stupid, Love.

An undeniable heartthrob, Gosling is definitely a celeb who has rocked his fair share of glasses over the years. Pictured here wearing his favorite pair of Gilbert frames from Barton Perreira, these stylish spectacles aren’t even available in most online retailers since they sell at anywhere between $350 and $450 – that’s if you can get your hands on them! Of course, there’s no guarantee that anyone can wear them and look as sexy as Hollywood’s hottest hunk, though it’s definitely worth a shot!