Famous Celebrities Who Look Good in Yoga Pants

From a male perspective, yoga pants have been gifted to fashion directly from the Gods. Because these leggings and workout pants are so tight and form fitting, they bring lots of attention to the booty, and even give it an extra lift. Of course, not everyone can pull off yoga pants – it requires a particularly admirable butt to make these pants look good. The celebrities on this list don’t just look OK in yoga pants – they look painfully good.

Jessica Biel

If you’re a child of the nineties, you probably remember Jessica Biel playing the eldest child of a preacher in the show, “7th Heaven” which gave her strong start in her acting career. She is also well known for being the wife of former NSYNC star and pop sensation, Justin Timberlake. Jessica then made headlines when she was fired from the show for posing for a risque photo spread, and then attempted to pursue a film career.

Currently, Jessica is glowing and expecting her first child with her beatboxing hubby. Even though she’s sporting an adorable baby bump, she still looks great in yoga pants. You can really blame her for wearing this comfy pants on a regular basis, as they can stretch to her growing belly.