Guide: APPLYING FOR US C1/D VISA ( Maritime Crew Visa )

Lately Shipping Companies have been asking the Candidates to apply for their US Visa themselves, this probably is required because of form DS-160 which requires to be electronic signed (i.e. clicking on the “Sign Application” box) by the applicant. So I too was requested to apply self for the US Visa. Twice I had the US Visa which expired recently so this third time applying was done myself. This Post intends to help the Indian Merchant Navy sailors in applying for their US C 1/D nonimmigrant visas (NIV). For other types of Visa you can check their relevant Site .
I will try to give the details and experience of applying till I receive/rejection of Visa. I will apply for US Visa from US Consulate Kolkata and hence some links might be of that website, however there might be some differences in other Consulate (e.g. Mumbai US Consulate requires your Documents to be dropped at VFS three days prior C1/D Visa Interview date). If there are any difference to this, request the users to post the changes and their experience of other Consulate.
Jotting down the points with explanations where required.


1. Maritime people need to apply for US C 1/D Visa under nonimmigrant visa (NIV).

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2.Determine your Consular district

New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Since I am from Jharkhand , for me it is Kolkata.
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3.Have your Digital Photograph ready.

The Digital photo needs to be of a particular specification e.g. photo has to be .jpg file between 600×600 and 1200×1200 pixels, less than 240kbs, not digitally altered and with white background. For scanned photos please follow below links.
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4.Fill the Online DS-160 Form.

• From Feb 2010 you need to fill online DS-160 form which replaces the previous forms like DS-156, DS-157, DS-158. You can start filling DS-160 at the following link : .
• You need to upload the Digital Photograph while submitting the form, test the same and then Upload. The form consists of different sections including :
# Personal
# Address and Phone
# Passport
# Travel
# Travel Companions
# Previous U.S. Travel
# U.S. Contact
# Family
# Work / Education / Training
# Security and Background
• Each section has set of details to be filled (self explanatory) with explanations/tips on the right side of the page.
• Once you start filling the form, each form is assigned an Application ID. Please note this Id for retrieval of incomplete but saved DS-160 Form.
• With each “Next”click the data is saved and the incomplete form can be later retrieved from the same above link.
• Keep your documents handy specially the Passport while filling the Form.
• Your US Visa Number (if issued earlier) is the red number on the previous issued C1/D Visa (Bottom right of Visa).
• Before submitting the completed form you will be asked to revise the same and then confirm. In the end a confirmation page with the CEAC Barcode will be generated.
• You only need to print this confirmation page with the CEAC Barcode. If you are wondering like me, what is CEAC, lets focus first on filling the form 🙂
• If there is still an error in filling DS-160 form, please do not panic !!! Once you have confirmed and submitted the form you cannot edit the same filled form. However, you can always fill a fresh DS-160 form and generate the CEAC Barcode again.
• Please email the confirmation page to your E-mail Id also. This will be your backup if ever you loose the hard copy of this confirmation page.
• The form has one bugging thing of getting timed out after 15-20 minutes. This is done for security reasons, in which an alert box will open and ask you to confirm “OK”. To prevent your entered data getting lost, do remember to click “Save” button intermittently.
• While it is possible to fill the form in breaks and save for later recovery I highly recommend it filling it in one go, if possible.
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5.Pay the Fees at the nearest HDFC Bank

and get visa fee receipt in duplicate with 10 digit barcode number affixed to it.
• Presently you can pay the fees only at the Certain HDFC Bank at following Cities
The most updated list and address can be found here
• The payment amount is total 6960 INR. (Visa Fee – $140/INR 6580, VFS service charge – INR 359 and HDFC Bank Charges – INR 21). No points for calculating the conversion rate = 47 🙂
• Carry the photocopy of the 1st page of your Passport and give your name as given in Passport.
• Confirm that receipt has 10 digit barcode number affixed to it and is readable as you will need this to schedule Interview appointment for your C1/D Visa.
• Wait for one working day after payment, for scheduling appointment for C1/D Visa Interview.
• You will be required to submit the Embassy copy at the Embassy / Consulate, on the day of your Interview.
• Obviously the fees is non refundable and valid only till 1 year from the Payment date.
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6. Schedule your appointment for Interview date for C1/D Visa

Click here to book an appointment.
• The same link is used for canceling appointment date, modifying Courier Address and Downloading the appointment Letter.
• You can also check the availability of earliest date at your nearest Consulate from the below links.
• Take a printout of the VFS appointment letter and remember the details submitted as the same will be required for downloading it again if this hardcopy/printout is lost.
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[7] On the Interview date carry the following Documents
• Passport (valid for at least six months beyond your interview date) and previously issued passports,
• Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC),
• One recent (within the past six months) photograph 50mm X 50mm (2″ x 2″) with a white background (explained in point [3]),
• DS-160 confirmation page with CEAC Barcode (explained in point [4]),
• Valid HDFC Bank visa fee receipt (explained in point [5] – Embassy copy)
• Original VFS appointment letter (Interview appointment letter explained in point [6])
• original letter issued by shipping company stating the purpose of travel, itinerary, local agent’s name and address in US.
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[8] If you still want to know more then the list of Frequently asked questions are there.
* Please refer

[button url=’’]FAQ – C1D visa[/button]

And lastly for the curious ones CEAC Barcode probably stands for Consular Electronic Application Center Barcode 🙂 . Best Of luck for your Interview.


Just found links of is not working with Firefox browser .
When tried the Internet Explorer however the same works. Also found the note at bottom of the pages :
“The Site is Best Viewed With Internet Explorer 6.0 and Above at a Resolution 1024 X 768” .
Thought it might be helpful for someone.


Point [7] of this post already covers the documents required to carry during US C1/D Visa Interview. I wanted to add about Mobile/Cell phone here.

While the Interview letter advised not to bring any Electronic devices including Mobile phones but the security people were considerate with the Mobile phones. I saw a lot of people being requested just to switch off the Mobile phones and I missed my phone then. Trust we all will agree that in case of any missing documents during C1/D Visa interview, we would love to have the Mobile phone with us.
Thought this informtion might be helpful to someone.


Questions asked to me during US C1/D Visa

Q1. You have applied for reissue of your Visa ?
Reply : Yes Sir.

Q2. What is your Rank onboard ship ?
A2. Chief Officer.

Q3. Which ship are you joining ?
A3. M.T. XYZ.

Q4. What kind of a ship is that ?
A4. It is a tanker carrying petrol.

Q5. From which port are you joining ?
A5. Port Pascagoula

Q6. That is in Lousiana right ?
A6. Yes Sir

Q7. OK your Visa is granted !!
A7. Thank you

I was not asked many questions, probably because it was third time for re-issue of US C1/D Visa. However there were two cadets also applying and I overheard their questions too. Obviously both were very excited.

Q Same questions as above

Q1 Are you joining for the first time ?

Q2 Why did you join Merchant Navy ?

Q3 What will be your work onboard ?

Q4 What is your stipend onboard ?

Q5 Who will take care of your joining the ship since this is your first time joining ?

There is one thing I would like to stress that C1/D Visa is required for joining/Sign off and Shore leave at US Ports. If one does not have them they can still join/sign off any ship from any port NOT in US. If you are onboard a ship which is going to US and you do not have US C1/D Visa then god help you, You will be jailed in US….OK OK I’m kidding ….relax nothing of this sort will ever happen!! In such a situation you will not be granted shore leave and will not be able to the see the beautiful Country of US (One reason why one of the cadet joined Merchant Navy) ;-). The reason why the Merchant Navy companies stress so much for C1/D visa is simple always keep the options open. Obviously you have an edge of joining anyship at any port if you have all Visa.
Best of luck for your Interview.


While scheduling the C1/D Visa Interview I was trying to get the passport delivered at home. Sadly Blue Dart was not shipping to Dhanbad. I opted for HAL(Hold at Location) at Jeevandeep Blue Dart.
When going to collect your Passport remember to bring along with you following Documents :
# Any Identity Proof
# VFS Fees Receipt
# Copy of the above two Documents (for submitting)

For more details follow :

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