10 Abnormally Large Creatures You Won’t Believe Exist

We, as human beings, are all just a part of what is going on out there in the world. We are NOT the only species on the planet. There are so many different species of animals, birds, reptiles, and sadly even rodents out there to give us company. Many of these species, like cats and dogs, we adore and keep as pets; to keep us company throughout our lives. Then there are others that we sometimes witness in the wild, or watch with wonder on TV or in a movie. Here are 10 Abnormally Large Creatures You Won’t Believe Exist.

Chinese Giant Salamander – The Tallest Salamander In The World


The Chinese Giant Salamander is the largest salamander in the world. It grow as tall as 6 feet long. It lives in streams and lakes in China, but the species is at risk as it is a delicacy, and also is used in many traditional Chinese medicines. Because of this, it is considered critically endangered. There are only 9 of them in zoos in the United States and in Europe. To China’s credit, they have started to take steps to help save the Giant Salamander, so hopefully they will be around to freak people out in the future as well.

Southern Elephant Seal – Largest Carnivore In The World

elephant-seal-e1451496454298The Southern Elephant Seal is the largest carnivore living today. The largest one on record was 22 feet long and weighed 11,000 pounds. They dive constantly, looking for squid and fish to eat. At times they can stay under water for 2 hours or more. They live in different areas all over the world, and there are well over 700,000 of them around. Males are much bigger than females, and the males battle for rank, to see who gets the most females in the harem. The dominant males establish harems of several dozen females. The least successful males have no harems, but try to get it on with a harem male’s females when the male is not looking. Sounds like a constant party.

Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula – Largest Spider In The World

huge-spiderOkay, no. Just no. First of all the name. It isn’t just called a Goliath tarantula, they had to say it eats birds, too.  This spider is the largest one in the world and can live for up to 25 years.  You would find this giant spider, not that you would want to, in the rain forests of South America. It got its name from eating a humming bird, but it only rarely prays on adult birds.  The only thing nastier than this enormous spider is that people in South America eat it. Supposedly it tastes like shrimp.

Giant Freshwater Stingray – It’s Large And Rather Harmless

Half-ton-giant-Freshwater-Stingray-3They don’t call this thing giant for nothing. This ridiculously-large stingray is found in the rivers of Indochina and Borneo, and can weigh up to 1,300 pounds. Typically keeping to the bottom of rivers, the Giant Freshwater Stingray has sadly been put on the endangered species’ list. Although these things are not aggressive (thank God) it does have a sting that is capable of piercing bone.  It mostly survives by eating fish and mollusks. Although it means no one any harm, and spends its days floating down the rivers of Borneo, at 1,300 pounds I am sure that it terrifies anything that crosses its path.

The Japanese Spider Crab – Leg Span Of 12 Ft.

spider-crab-e1451495832254As you probably guessed by the name, the Japanese Spider Crab spends its days in the waters around Japan.  This thing is enormous. It has a ridiculous leg span, some have been known to reach up to 12 feet. They weigh up to 41 pounds, and although that might not seem like a lot, may we remind you, we are talking about a crab! You wont see these on a swim as they hang out between 60 and 2,000 feet deep in the ocean.  They feed off of shellfish and dead animal carcasses (which is something I never, ever want to see)  and can live up to 100 years.

The Green Anaconda – 25 Ft. Long, 500 Pounds

Amazing-Green-AnacondaIf you are one of those people that get terrified of snakes, and there are a lot of you out there, this thing is your personal nightmare. Don’t believe me? Google them. You can find photos of the Green Anaconda on the Internet eating people, eating crocodiles, and even eating a hippo. The Green Anaconda is the world’s largest reptile. They can be 25 feet long, and weigh 550 pounds. From South America, they eat pretty much everything they can kill. They just wrap around their prey and suffocate it. They have even been known to eat each other.

The Ocean Sunfish – World’s Ugliest Fish

giantsunfishIf you watched this video of a guy losing his mind after seeing a sunfish and having no idea what it was you already know how big the Ocean Sunfish can get.  These things can be about 5 feet 9 inches long and can weigh an astonishing 2,200 pounds.  They can be found in ocean environments all over the world. Despite being so huge, the Ocean Sunfish is mellow and doesn’t want to harm anyone. The biggest issue they cause humans is occasional damage to boats when they accidentally run into them.  They survive mostly on jellyfish, and are considered a delicacy in some regions.

The Capybara – Largest Rodents In The World

capybaraI know what a lot of you are thinking. If only there was something like a rat, but that was about 30 times bigger. Well there is! The Capybara is the worlds largest rodent.  Living in South America, and always near water, the Capybara can be 5 feet long, 3 feet high, and can weigh in at 230 pounds.  Even more messed up is that these guys like to hang together. Sometimes they hang in groups of up to 100, although they are more likely to be found in a group of 20 or so. I guess these guys are kind of cute, if you can get past the rodent thing.

The Flemish Giant – World’s Largest Rabbit

Runt_and_PaxieOkay, it’s a rabbit, who cares?  Big deal, right? Well yeah, it is kind of a big deal, because the Flemish Giant is a rabbit that is, well, a giant among rabbits. These guys are more like a dog than a rabbit and can weigh close to 30 pounds. They’ve been hoppping around since the 16th century where they were first spotted in Belgium. They are usually docile and don’t mind being handled, and despite their huge size they are not usually used for meat. They are known as the “gentle giant” because they are so mellow.

Blue Whale – World’s Largest Animal

Blue-WhaleThere is nothing that lives that is bigger than the blue whale. A basketball court is 94 feet long. A Blue Whale is longer. They can go around 100 feet long, and weigh almost 180 metric tons. A blue whale’s tongue weighs about as much as an elephant. The heart of a blue whale weighs 1,300 pounds. It is almost unbelievable how huge these whales are. There were many blue whales all over the world’s oceans until they were hunted almost to extinction. There are now supposedly 5-10,000 of them left. They either spend their lives alone, or sometimes hang out with one other whale, which makes sense of course. If they hung out with too many at once, there wouldn’t be much room to move around.; ,

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