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10 Most Gorgeous Airline Flight Attendants

10 Most Gorgeous Airline Flight Attendants

As much as hard work, challenges and large demands can be a part of the flight attendant industry, it also comes with a whole lot of glamour as well. The face of an airline is normally associated by the appearance of its flight attendants. There is a bit of a strenuous task for airlines when it comes to giving specific attention to the appearance and skills of their flight attendants. Such categories as figure, height, smile and uniform fit must all be taken into close consideration by the airline before the hiring process is completed. Below we have provided you with a list of the 10 most appealing airline flight attendants there are. They are cute, elegant and just plain smokin’hot!
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Virgin Atlantic


The ladies at Virgin Atlantic have always been noticeable with their silk neck ties and well-fitted red suits. It almost appears as though these ladies could be actresses in a part of your favorite HBO TV series with how alluring they look in those red uniforms. When a survey had been carried out in 2011, these beauties were voted as the “most attractive airline stewardess” group there was. Very few can ever top these “Red Hotties” of the sky as they are incredibly classy, glamorous and possess such cheerful perceptions when carrying out their duties of service.

virgin_2 virgin_3 virgin_4

Thai Airways International


Thai Airways are the national airline of their kingdom and they supply all of their customers with fantastic care throughout every single flight. These flight attendants have made it to our 9th slot on the chart and it’s because of their understanding of important details in supplying the greatest luxuries for every passenger on the flight. This airline has been awarded with multiple awards because of their outstanding service quality. Each flight attendant comes equipped with beautiful purple uniforms that give them a unique distinction worldwide.

thai_2 thai_3 thai_4



This airline and its flight attendants have made our list and there is an excellent reason behind this. Lufthansa is a German company that is made up of a cabin crew of unique and diversified nationalities. They showcase some of the most incredibly beautiful flight attendants in the skies which help them stand out among many airlines. Their attitudes toward service and their general sense of being polite and friendly make them a fine airline to travel on.


Air Asia


This airline gets recognition from us because they are well-known for having spectacular and attractive flight attendants that are a part of a company who is one of the planet’s low-cost carriers. When you arrive at any Malaysian airports, you will very quickly recognize the renowned red uniforms from Air Asia’s striking flight attendants. It’s very possible that when in an airport, you may see one of these uniformed beauties walking with their trolley bags. The flight attendants found on these flights are said to be even hotter than the meals they serve every flight.

asia_2 asia_3 asia_4


emirates_1The Emirates airline is absolutely one of the world’s greatest as far as luxury is concerned. They present some of the most elegant flight attendants on their aircraft that come from many different nations. The come in various shapes, sizes and styles but each one of them are seductive in their way and quite refined. If you see a woman wearing an Emirates uniform then you will see for yourself how appealing they stand out in their apparel. Many can’t decide for sure what makes them so alluring, whether it’s the uniform or the young woman herself.

emirates_2 emirates_3 emirates_4

Cathay Pacific


A majority of individuals who have flown on this Hong-Kong based airline say that they consider it to be the greatest that Asia has to offer. This is due to the spectacular service and multiple awards given out in their favor. They provide their passengers with sharp-witted, subtly and sensuous female stewardesses. With red all over their uniform, the Cathay Pacific flight attendants have been bragged about because of how pretty their employees on the aircraft are. Cathay sometimes uses their flight attendants to stroll on the catwalk in place of professional models. The company is also very fond of demanding that service is provided at top-notch excellence.

cathay_2 cathay_3

Kingfisher Airlines


Kingfisher is the selected favorite airline of India and for very apparent reasons. Typically, you might guess that they love Kingfisher so much because it has the planet’s hottest ladies of service in the air. The uniform resembles the Air Asian one because of the color design or even the cutting looks. The fact still remains, both look as fine as can be.

kingfisher_2 kingfisher_3

Aeroflot Air


This is yet another great airline that has a red uniform for its flight attendants. These special ladies hold the 3rd place on our list of most appealing flight attendants. Generally speaking, the Russians aren’t typically thought of in terms of fashion levels, but their sharp caps and confidently angled neck ties do manage to demand attention by the passengers. In fact, they have been rated as the “world’s most stylish” according to a survey given by Skyscanner, which is a flight booking site.

aeroflot_2 aeroflot_3 aeroflot_4

Singapore Airlines


If you’re looking for attractive and friendly service in the air, Singapore Airlines is definitely where it’s all at. Their ladies are clothed in an exclusive “Sarong Kebaya” which has the appearance of a glamour yet not making too hard of an attempt. It wouldn’t be fair to look at these pretty ladies only based on their appearances, as Singapore women are also very hospitable and provide some of the best cabin service in the industry. Such hospitality has been greatly recognized and awarded via travel and tourism industries as well as magazines. The Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Awards has given them the World’s Best Cabin Crew Service for 17 years straight.

singapore_2 singapore_3 singapore_4

Air France


Fortunately, the incredibly gorgeous flight attendants do greatly make up for the uncomfortable economy seats that Air France provides. Flying with Air France will make your flight seem short as you will be joined by flight attendants that have uniforms that resemble a stylish tub mannequin. The designer of these is Christian Lacroix. So just what is it that makes these ladies so smokin’ hot? It might be the happy and passionate stereotype of the French but do not be hoping for any kisses from these ladies. French flight attendants will never mix up their business with their pleasure.

france_2 france_3

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