15 Hot Celebrities Who Have Huge Big Feet


16Largest feet in Hollywood

Top list of Female Hollywood Celebrities with Huge/Big/Large Feet in the world . Slide through this Article to find out which celebrity has the Largest feet in Hollywood. There are a Billions of women out there, some are  really hot , even if they have really huge feet. This tends to be something that they are not all that proud of, you can trust me on that one. No woman has ever said “I sure am happy that my feet are so big!” or “Honey, are my feet big enough for you?” No, women do not like having big feet. The things is, in our culture women are supposed to be all tiny and ladylike, not wearing a size 11 Timberland. Well don’t worry, just like Cinderella, we have you covered. Read on and find out. Here are 15 female celebrities with size 10 feet or over. And remember, if you like what you see, click your heels together three times and maybe all of your dreams will come true