5 Ways a Backup Administrator Can Save Time and Money

The operation of any business is embedded on data creation, collection and maintenance. This however does translate to a pile up of information that necessitates a storage system, which is why such tools as MySQL scheduled backup are highly referred to for their reliability.

Reliability, affordability and convenience are among the top key attributes that compel people to opt for one approach over the other.

Accordingly, this article briefly highlights 5 useful ways in which you can save up money and time as a backup administrator:

1. Get rid of data duplication

The most common challenge with backing up information is having so many copies of the same file, usually without intention to double backup.

If this is let to sit too long, there usually builds up an overload of information taking up more space, which would call for acquiring new space and a lot more time to sort through files.

Getting rid of duplicate files means less data to manage thus faster backups and quicker restores.

2. Compress backed up files

Some files contain a lot of information that translates to big sizes, which demand a lot more storage space. Compression takes files and makes them smaller, usually by removing many of the zeros, which take up a big chunk of the file size.

This tip is key to saving up room for more files, which slows down on spending.

3. Use the storage resource management software

Since technology is there to make work easier, adminitrators should consider using the storage resource management software to manage data that spread out across different locations much more conveniently. It does this by executing commands that can communicate to files diversely situated.

4. Opt for thin provisioning tools

Thin provisioning is done so that any excess storage available within the business space is automatically allocated to applications or data that experience a storage deficit.

The thin provisioning software, segments the storage from the servers, allowing administrators to allocate capacity to applications, which leave enough room for users to conveniently perform their duties free from delays and slowed speeds. This cuts down on the need for spending money to acquire more backup space, as well as provides an organized system of data categorization to make finding data quicker and proficient.

5. Bank on Massive Array of Idle Disks (MAID technology)

There is always a concern worrying backup administrators on whether information backed up will ever be valuable or needed for retrieval in the near future.

The MAID technology reduces power consumption which ultimately saves on cost by ensuring that only the disk drives in active use are spinning at any particular time.

This technology is also effective in detecting failing drives and automatically transferring the data in another well functional one.

Overall, data backup is one area of huge investment for any business, and backup administrators tend to have a hard time figuring out a conventional management method that could save up on time and money. With these 5 tips, say goodbye to miscellaneous spending and time wastage and use it on other important areas for the success of your business.

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