Assisted Suicide Tourism – Switzerland helps people ( in need) commit suicide

Assisted Suicide Tourism (Legal). Yeah! you read that right, switzerland incorporates this “tourism”. Astounded?…read on. Dignitas is a Swiss nonprofit member’s society providing assisted / accompanied suicide to the clients seeking an end to their life.

Their clients are rich people usually suffering from incurable chronic illness. They have helped over 2,100 people die at home within Switzerland and at Dignitas’ house/flat near Zürich.


Legally admissible proof that the person wishes to die is also created, in the form of a signed affidavit. In cases where a person is physically unable to sign a document, a short video film of the person is made in which they are asked to confirm their identity, that they wish to die, and that their decision is made of their own free will. In general, Dignitas uses the following protocol to assist suicides: an oral dose of an antiemetic drug, followed approximately half an hour later by a lethal overdose of 15 grams of powdered pentobarbital dissolved in a glass of water.The pentobarbital overdose depresses the central nervous system, causing the person to become drowsy and fall asleep within 3–5 minutes of drinking it. Anaesthesia progresses to coma and later, as the person’s breathing becomes more shallow, followed by respiratory arrest and death, which occurs within 30–40 minutes of ingesting the pentobarbital.

Costs and finances

Dignitas charges its patients €4,000 (294838.94 INR)for preparation and suicide assistance, or €7,000 (515968.15 INR)in case of taking over family duties, including funerals, medical costs and official fees.


In March 2008 that Dignitas had assisted 840 people to die, 60% of them Germans .By 2010, that number had exceeded a thousand.


21% of people receiving assisted suicide in Dignitas do not have a terminal or progressive illness, but rather “weariness of life”.

Dignitas founder Ludwig Minnelli outside of the clinic. Helpful links down as footnote.


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