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Claire Foy Feet are Size 6.5 .  Her soles have been voted “Sexiest Female sols In The World”. Foot Fetish community has dedicated hundreds of videos, websites & 290 online forums just on her feet, describing how pretty and perfect they are. No doubt she is a very beautiful actress , and Claire Foy Legs live up to her silky reputation. We bring you Top 50 pictures of Claire Foy Soles. Claire Foy Toes are small , boney & attractive

Claire Foy can’t be left out of the list of famous celebrities the most beautiful feet, not with her slim, curvy and spotless feet. Claire Elizabeth Foy is an English actress. She studied acting at the Liverpool John Moores University and the Oxford School of Drama and made her screen debut in the supernatural comedy series Being Human in 2008.

Claire Foy’s shoe size: 7.5 (US) / 38 (EU). Claire Foy’s height in feet is 5″6′


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Claire Foy’s Dazzling Feet

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