A.I. Development And The Future Of Education

A.I. Development And The Future Of Education

What would you feel if you found out that you are standing on the threshold of grandiose changes and discoveries that could change the whole world around you? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? In fact, in the next few decades, we should have a chance to observe significant changes in all spheres of our lives. For many years, the creation of artificial intelligence seemed fictional and barely possible. Is it still like that? Today it finally seems likely that a large-scale success in the creation of robotics (the appearance of AI at the level of a person and superior to it) will affect the existence of the majority of human race representatives. After reading this article, you can learn more about the progress of AI and its role in the future of education.

What Is An Artificial Intelligence?

Many think of it as something from the realm of fantasy, which can be explained by several reasons:

  • AI is associated with humanoids and science-fiction films like “Terminator,” which makes many people treat it like something fictional;
  • Also, it is a relatively broad concept that can apply to both pocket calculators and cars controlled without human intervention, and such a variety can be slightly confusing;
  • We use artificial intelligence in everyday life, but we do not realize it; we often perceive it as something unreal and invented from the world of the future, so it’s hard for us to understand that it already surrounds us.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand several things. First of all, robotics means not an industrial robot. The robot is a kind of shell for it, which sometimes has the outlines of a human body but an artificial intelligence itself is a computer inside the robot. It can be compared with the brain within human body. For example, a well-known Siri is a great example of AI, and the female voice that we hear is just a way of personification.

Also, there are a few types of Ai. Among the different kinds, we can highlight three main categories:

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence – it specializes in one particular area, for example, it can win the chess world championship, but that’s all it is capable of;
  • Artificial General Intelligence – it is a combination of operating system and mathematical calculations that is similar to human’s brain, which means that it can perform the same tasks as a person (think, plan, find solutions, compare complex ideas, learn, and so on);
  • Artificial Superintelligence – it is the highest level of AI development, as it exceeds the human in almost all spheres, including scientific discoveries, social skills, and basic knowledge.

As for today, the humanity has already successfully applied Artificial Narrow Intelligence. What is the future of AI? Currently, we are getting deeper in the understanding of Artificial General Intelligence, there are different predictions regarding this matter, but the fact is that scientists do not stop at their current achievements and strive to discover the AGI fully.

What Is The Role Of AI In The Future Of Education?

There are many ways in which technology contributes to education. There are tons of tools that make lives of students and teachers much simpler and help them get the most out of the educational program. Also, there are many online sources available for students. Thus, there is nothing you can’t do online today! Students can attend classes, solve problems, find the necessary sources of data, and do other things on the Internet; there are even whole platforms that can help you find professional academic assistance (for example,

However, the application of education AI software can give more benefits. It will help us improve the educational system in the future! Already today, the AI can analyze the lessons and then advises how to make the whole course more diverse and develop a teaching strategy that will be more effective and qualitative. However, will it be able to replace the human teachers completely? Not everyone in our society believes that this is appropriate.

In one of the articles, The Guardian highlights that the platform Third Space Learning can become one of the first successful examples of using artificial intelligence to improve learning processes. This program is aimed at optimization the learning process. The creators of this platform, together with scientists, have compared and analyzed a lot of recordings, videos, and other data to define what are the distinctive features of good and bad teachers.

In the course of this program, about 300 teachers will perform lessons. The AI in its turn will analyze and assess the quality of each lesson. The system will send automated notifications to the teachers’ phones with detailed guides and tips on conducting a lesson (for example, it was discovered that too fast tempo of speech makes students lose interest).

This is only one of the first examples of how AI can influence education. As technology develops, its intervention in the training process can become more active, however, currently, there is no goal to replace teachers. Instead, such programs are aimed only at improving the training techniques and general development process.

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