Huge Botfly (Maggot) removed from Young Boy’s Head

Watch: Revolting moment a huge botfly maggot is dragged from a man’s scalp one MONTH after it burrowed in there

  • Maggot burrowed into man called Simon’s head on a trip to Panama 
  • Video shows the it being pulled out of his scalp with tweezers
  • Explains in the clip he had to wait for maggot to be big enough to remove

This gruesome video shows the moment a giant botfly maggot is removed from a man’s head with tweezers.

The American man, called Simon, says the insect was growing in his head for a month following a trip to Panama.

The film, which he uploaded to YouTube, is accompanied by the text: ‘A souvenir from Panama, it was growing in my head for a month before it was big enough to pull out….Yeah its a little bit disgusting but I added some Vivaldi so its fine…’

The clip begins by showing a hole in his head, with what appears to be the yellow tip of a maggot’s body poking out.

‘This is seriously insane,’ says a friend watching the process.

‘I don’t know how you would not feel it.’

A woman is dabbing ointment on to the wound, before holding up a piece of cotton wool smeared in green gunge to the camera.

‘That’s its poop,’ she says.

Botfly Removal Video

Shocked, the friend exclaims: ‘Simon its pooping out of your head. That’s grim.’

Next, Vivaldi begins playing in the background and the clip cuts to ‘ages later’, according to the credits on the film.

The botfly has been pincered by tweezers and is being tugged out of the hole in the Simon’s head.

After a final pull, the huge insect is removed to much squealing.

‘Oh my God,’ the people exclaim, jumping around the room.

The camera shows the gleaming bug which is pink with a huge bulbous body and gelatinous-looking wings.

They show it to the man whose head it had burrowed into, who is equally shocked.

A giant botfly was removed from a man called Simon’s head head with tweezers. ‘It’s so big,’ his friend exclaimed as the bulbous body was held up to the light

‘It’s so big. It’s so big’ his friend keeps repeating.

As the credits of the film roll, they reveal the family name the botfly Ronald.

Botflies are flies from the Oestridae family.

The larvae of the flies are parasitic and invade and grow inside humans.

Some grow in the the flesh of their hosts, while others grow within the hosts’ gut.

The flies lay their eggs, usually on the skin, and the larvae burrow into the flesh.

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