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Downloads Available | Two

Here you can download and or install files provided by us, this may include third-party software from other vendors as well. The products and services we provide are located here and available for download, on demand. We want to make things as easy as possible for you, each download comes with a supplementary instructional video to guide you through each solution.

If any associated files DID NOT come from this official download section, then remove the files and download a fresh copy from our official links below.

Be sure to follow the steps exactly the way they are presented in the video tutorials.

Solution | ONE


Cloud Control

Since the launch of the  Cloud Control tool the software has successfully activated over 100,000 devices. We have bypassed and activated iCloud on thousands of iPhones, iPads of all kinds of iPods as well.

Download the tools and services produced by iCloud Bypass Tool

Here is it is, the latest revised version of our Cloud Control Version 1.2.6. the official and ONLY iCloud bypass and removal tool

  • Many Bugs Fixed
  • Compatibility Errors Resolved
  • Admin Mode Error Resolved
  • Additional Device Support

How To Use

Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to use iCloud Bypass Tool.


Note: Make sure to uninstall any previous versions of iCloud Bypass Tool prior to installing this new version.

File Information


This solutions is compressed within a ZIP file, extract the files from the downloaded compressed file and execute setup.exe on your Windows Machine.

File Size: 6.4 MB
Type: ZIP File

Concerned About This?

If you have any questions or issues about this matter feel free to contact us at ,we will be more than happy to address and clear up your concerns.

Application Screenshot

Screen captured image of the iCloud Bypass Tool application running on a Windows machine.

Instructions: Download using the link below, unzip the file and run setup.exe, wait for installation to complete and launch the application from your desktop.

Official Devices Supported


iPhone 4 | All iPod Touches | All iPad WiFi Tablets

Some users have had success with Experimental Devices but only after extensive processing, for example certain devices where successful after two days of consecutive bypass attempts.

Experimental Devices

iPhone 5 | iPhone 5S | iPhone 5C | iPhone 4S

Solution | TWO


Complete and Fully Functional iCloud Bypass

The second download is a FULLY FUNCTIONAL iCloud bypass solution. This method still works today (Oct of 2014) , but is limited to iPhone 4’s and iPad 2’s. This method is VERY tedious, the supplementary video is a MUST WATCH for anyone attempting this method.

This is a fully functional iCloud Bypass that still works on the iPhone 4, the methods used here can be altered work with newer devices such as the iPhone 5S. Study this video and learn how these files work.

File Information

This download consists of a single ZIP file containing all of the dependencies and resources utilized within the demonstration video below. These file ALWAYS WORK,(when used like the video ) and successfully bypass and remove iCloud from A4 based Apple devices .

Download and extract the files from the compressed ZIP below. Once the files have been extracted, simultaneously watch the video below to execute a successful and guaranteed bypass.d and execute setup.exe on your Windows Machine.

File Size: 12.5 MB
Type: ZIP File

How To Use


Make sure you watch and fully understand the steps demonstrated in this tutorial video. When the files above are used in conjunction with this video, repeatable and successful results continue to be achieved. These files produce results and still WORK, simply repeat these steps to remove iCloud from your device now.(Oct, 2014).

Be sure to correctly follow and repeat the instructions utilized in this video.

These results are quite typically and and can be reproduced by YOU.



I understand that some of you are having issues with the current version of iCloud Activation, this is a result of changes Apple made to it’s security infrastructure. These changes are the same changes employed in iOS8, as  I stated in a previous post we are rigorously looking for a solution and I am now proud to say that we have found it. The results of our latest developments are clearly displayed in the video above. People of the community we just need to stabilize this solution and we will make it public.

Thank you all for supporting iCloud Activation…

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