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What If there were only Women in this World ?

What If there were only Women in this World ?

What If there were only Women in this World

If women ran the world we wouldn’t have wars, just intense negotiations every 28 days.

– Robin williams



If only females were left, then mankind will be doomed to extinction, unless female scientists invent an artificial way to reproduce. One major challenge will be to keep the infrastructures running when half of mankind is gone. Same problem for all other human activities such as agriculture, or manufacturing.

Possible solution: females may have to give up some cities and villages in order to concentrate sufficient population in other places. On the other hand, many environmental problems would be reduced. Since females were suppressed for many centuries by males, it might be difficult to replace males in some disciplines such as management, religion, or politics. There are other areas which may not appear very attractive to women such as road or building construction. Nonetheless, womankind needs to deal with these disciplines as well. Thus, it will be necessary to plan and organize education of women by the few female experts in that disciplines. Family life will be completely different as well. I assume, that humans would either form female couples or whole groups of people living together.

So after a few years, womankind will be well organized.

The biggest benefit will be world peace. Most wars, crimes and cruelties were initiated and conducted by males. If females rule the world, I honestly believe, it will be a better and more peaceful planet.


[Assuming the 3 billion+ men were replaced with an equal amount of women]

Unless fertility treatments were drastically improved within a few years and scaled up to reach the requirements of over 7 billion women, civilisation as we know it would start to crumble as generations of adult women start to die out.

The population would age, putting increased pressure on the small number of artificially conceived youth to solve major food shortages alongside the diminishing workforce. You might as well read any article about an ageing population, the fact that it’s all women bares no significance.

Assuming the fertility issue was solved, I’m sure women would be just fine.


This is one of those questions which can only be answered in the “correct” way – or the way which the questioner had intended – if there would be more information how this situation came into existence. Is it a product of a civilization-ending war, combined with a weapon which kills especially men, was it like that before and the women just created a way to become pregnant or reproduce without actual male sperm? If it would be the latter, the new female civilization would be “fine” but quite different than now. More woman would act in a typically “male” way and i assume violence and escalation would become way more psychological.


Anime series “Gall Force”

The novel “Virgin Planet” by Pou Anderson. In it a man lands on a planet inhabited only by women. In the novel the Doctors-Priests control the birth rate because they are the ones who create the babies in the lab. And looking at how eggs are created in human women, it is possible to create a viable zygote for implanting in a woman. This is likely very very difficult to do but given this or death… Well… They found a way.

The other is the Anime series “Gall Force”. In this ALL of the characters are female. And in the first two movies, “Breeders” are mentioned. So in this they also went with egg manipulation to get a zygote to implant into a woman.

The thing is… Even this way, only females(XX) will ever be born. Because males (XY) have the Y chromosome that makes the being male.

THIS is the main problem… No Males means no offspring. And if they can’t solve this problem then this culture will only last one generation.

Toilet seats wouldn’t be needed as they are.

Yes, think about it, Toilet bowls are made to accommodate the fact the seat needs to be lifted for some users. Toilet seats have the feature of being capable of being flipped up even in women’s rest rooms. If there were no more males, you’d not need to have toilet seats that lifted up. You could could have a removable (for cleaning and changing) seat that didn’t lift and was better designed, specifically for women.

Why some brilliant engineer hasn’t come up with a special, comfortable, toilet seat and cover for women’s bathrooms is why we know engineers are so limited in vision and why we know there’s not enough women engineers.

If women ran the world, there won’t be any wars, just a bunch of countries not talking to each other.

  •  Drastically less wars and physical violence/cruelty in general.
  • Less works of creative genius; i.e., music, art, science, philosophy, film, architecture, etc would suffer severely without male input.
  • On average, less governmental corruption and societal greed.
  • A fairly humorless society.
  • An increase in societal trust and comfort.
  • A decrease in various philosophical explorations and curiosities.
  • Overall, a more tranquil but boring world.

The population would go into steep decline in just a few years. The only hope for continued reproduction would be cloning, which would of course produce only female offspring unless the technology to engineer X chromosomes could be mastered.

As to a society suddenly bereft of men, one can only speculate. Women are generally less prone to violence, territoriality, and aggression than are men, but these traits are not totally absent as anyone who’s ever attended a nice bar fight can attest…

It may well be that the world would be a more peaceful place with less competition and constant push for “growth”. But then again, faced with the exigencies of running countries and states….Maybe not.

1) Lets talk about an alternate universe where men never existed

Only one sex means women would have to reproduce asexually which means slower evolution

If we do some in depth research we will find out that no mammal’s reproduce asexually

Only few aquatic species reproduce asexually. don’t get excited about being mermaid because those species also don’t have developed brain. They reproduce by cutting their limbs and growing full body out of them ( yes I am referencing planaria ). Which means other species will develop before us and they might treat us just as Humans treat other animals

2) Now let’s talk about another alternate universe where magically all men turned into women

As we all know genetics is deep and hard to understand so I won’t dive deep let’s scratch surface and see if we find something

Women would have to reproduce by alternatives like using bone marrow ( it’s a real thing BTW here’s link : Will science render men unnecessary? ). But problem is it’s costly and hard to do so basically only few can get it done and after some generations we will be doing basically incest because there were soo less people who did that bone marrow procedure in past

As happens in real incest some bad genes overlap each other and can cause deformities in babies

So if men turned into women well after few generations we will have deformed and retarded women roaming everywhere

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3) Let’s talk alternate universe where women somehow reached homo sapien stage without men and world is still in pre-dark ages

Not to be rude but here’s a fact – just like many men in past were rapists , many women in past were also …….( Fill that blank I don’t want my answer to collapse )

Don’t bealive me ? Here we go

There was a reason why levels of society were made and men are allowed to have only one wife ( mostly )

Women mostly attract towards men with wealth and power and that’s what happening back then

Rich men were getting all the women and poor people didn’t had women so basically they formed group of men and murdered person in power to seize his power and women. To avoid these murders men created classes of society where one class can’t marry other class and later these class distribution became base of religion.

So there is a little chance of a religion

Many would think it’s good but no

Religion was thing which formed many alliances and changed many kingdoms into empires

So we end up with two conclusions here

  1. Whole world under control of one big council or king
  2. Everything is mess and womenkind is already killed or eaten by wild animals

Second one is most possible because women are not good at accepting defeat compared to men so women can’t start a cult which will later become a huge religion because you can’t satisfy everyone and it’s an universal fact that women don’t get along

That’s why brotherhood exist sisterhood doesn’t

4) last one let’s talk about some other alternate universe if only women existed and they reached in 2018

As we all know women are gentle and smarter than men so they might have time machine much more developed brain and they might went back in time and helped their civilization grow faster so in future they will be more advance than we ever can

Notes :-

  1. Any suggestion will be added with credits
  2. Any kind of criticism will be appreciated
  3. No I am not a meninist
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