British Airways — Fuelled by love❤

We’re back in 2016, when British airways decides to launch a really touching campaign, titled ‘’Fuelled by love❤’’. The ad starts by showing a crew member of British airways named Helena, who flights for her first time to India. Helena seems to be really excited and a bit nervous as well, for the new world that she is going to explore. India is a crossroads of civilizations and languages and the flight attendant feels really tight with those people.

During a flight from India and as the cabin crew prepares the airplane for takeoff, Helena assists an Indian old lady to fasten her seat belt. Soon thereafter, Helena helps the old lady once again, by putting her socks on. The old woman named Anandi expresses a warm “thank you” to the polite flight attendant and decides to help her as well, in her own way, by adjusting her hairpin. Not long after, Anandi starts crying by recalling her son. Helena tries to calm her down by suggesting a movie in the comfortable A-class cabin of British airways, as she is going to get her a nice cup of tea.

The bond between the two ladies becomes emotional. They seem to understand each other. As the airplane lands and everyone walks out of it, Anandi invites Helena at her home. Helena hesitates to accept the invitation, but finally decides to follow her heart and make a visit to Anandi’s house. The young flight attendant gets to know the Indian culture and looks really
enchanted. While she’s ready to say goodbye, Anandi offers her a handkerchief with a sketch of herself.

This experience changed the life of young Helena. As she admits at the end of the ad, ‘’the more she discovers’’ about this culture and Indian people, ‘’the more she falls in love’’. The commercial ends up by a slogan saying ‘’Loving India back since 1924’’. By implying that India was the same autonomous political state in 1924 as it is today, British airways is trying to rewrite the history of the relationships between the two countries. However, the truth is that India was under the sovereignty of Britain back then. Ιn its own unique way though, this commercial directed by Neeraj Ghaywan passes the message that, no matter what, the population of India truly loves the British nation.

Speaking about the new campaign, Moran Birger, British Airways’ regional commercial manager, South Asia, said, “India is British Airways second largest market outside the UK and after the US. We are proud of our rich heritage of over 90 years in India and deep understanding of this wonderful country’’.

This emotional TV campaign inspired by a real story, received the National Film Award. With the release of the ad the airline company announced a three-day offer for its customers from India to London.

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