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Best IG Feet Pages | 50 Instagram Models with Feet worthy of Foot Fetish

There’s a trend on Instagram that has people pointing their cameras toward the ground. Inst Grammers are weirdly obsessed with taking pictures of their feet. Sharing feet on IG is not that became viral recently. Searching for hashtags like #feet , #girlfeet, #myfeet and #footphotography on Instagram will bring up thousands of people snapping pics of their toes to share with the world. We bring to you Top Instagram Celebrities feet pages on Internet.

It might seem like a odd choice of subject, given that many people often have an aversion to feet. However, the first Instagram picture ever posted featured a foot. Shared in 2010 by Instagram app creator Kevin Systrom, the picture includes a dog and the top of flip-flop-adorned foot.

There are even entire accounts devoted to sharing perfectly aligned and filtered pictures featuring feet. Some photographers even consider foot photography to be a form of self-portraiture.

“My feet are my transportation and taking photos as I walk helps me feel engaged with the world around me,” writes photographer Vivienne McMaster about her passion for documenting her feet.

The foot trend has gone international. Instagram account @crossedfeet shares pictures of people posing their toes in front of famous landmarks and locations all around the world.

17 |  Jelisa_Rose

If you are a REAL FOOT LOVER, then you must know the legendary German foot model Jelisa Rose. She left us in awe few years back, but miraculously she is back now..

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