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New IRCTC Railway Tatkal Ticket Booking Tips & Tricks | Updated 2020 – 100 % Working

New IRCTC Railway Tatkal Ticket Booking Tips & Tricks

what if I tell you that booking a Tatkal Ticket online on Indian Railway website is possible under 2 mins if done correctly !. This post shall serve as your indespensible guide to Tatkal Tickets Booking. All  Tips & Tricks have been updated with latest information for Yr 2020

What is the best trick for quick booking Tatkal tickets?

There are several best tricks for booking tatkal tickets and to cheat super-slow Indian Railway System. There is no single good trick. To win over this pathetic indian booking system, you must educate your self first. Let’s learn about some very important aspects which involves technology.

  • To succesfully complete online booking you should have the top speed internet connection and good system which should not hang.
  • While doing the online booking please ensure that you should pay through UPI only not with the card and net banking because in that we have type all the details etc.
  • To do offline tatkal booking you should wait in the line at ticket counter at early morning 5.00 am till the tatkal booking starts. sometimes you have to sleep at the ticket counter in the night itself.

Different Routes have different Peak Seasons that make the possibilities of getting the tickets very less in those seasons. So I can not guarantee the ticket confirmation but I am telling you from my experience that this is the best possible way you can opt using the Tatkal Ticket Booking Tricks mentioned here.

  1. Selection of Browser: Selection of Browser is always an important aspect of booking the Tatkal Tickets. Always go with the browser you generally use for browsing. I generally prefer Chrome over Firefox for booking the train tickets. I don’t know why but on IRCTC website, Chrome outperforms the Firefox browser. The main reason for using your daily browser is that the browser cache some images and other related data as per the browsing history and also you customized it for better performance like using the extensions for Adblockers and Automated login fills. I even recommend you to open just the browser Half hour before and close all other applications such as background cloud Synchronizing application like Dropbox, Google Backup, and Microsoft Onedrive for better internet speed. This is one of the main steps that increase the chances of getting confirm tickets.
  2. Initial Login: Always save your IRCTC ID and Passwords in your browser that makes a quick login possible, if IRCTC logs you out for no reason. I do not know why it happens but with the new IRCTC website, it happens most of the time. Always login before the peak time (9:55 AM for A.C. and 10:55 AM for Non-A.C.).
  3. Filing of route and selection of train: Fill the details about your journey find the train list, select the Tatkal Quota and get ready to hit the “Check availability” button as soon as the Clock hits the booking time (10:00 AM for A.C. and 11:00 AM for Non-A.C.). The new real-time clock available on the website made it easy.
  4. Form Detail Filling: I prefer using javascript code for this but you can use any of the Autofill extension and website available on the internet for the automated form filling. I warn you that if IRCTC gets any of the clues that it is some kind of Automated process you get logged out immediately. So try to go for the process having Bookmark like process that you easily find on internet to automate the form filling process.
  5. Payment Method: This part is a bit tricky from last few years. I used the SBI Quick payment option available in about 2014–2015 but after making the OTP mandatory, I dropped the internet banking option. After this I opted different payment methods but all have their own drawbacks. UPI is totally a mess, the server is always down during the Tatkal booking. I used it once and I do not even get the payment through, it just gets declined. I must say the best option available nowadays is the “ATM with Pin” it saves the OTP generation time. Some times the payment gateways lag but it solves the purpose.
  6. Final Wait before Ticket Generation: The pumping heart moment, between the payment confirmation and the appearance of the final booking. I always prefer trains that provide waited list tickets. Some trains show the regret waited list and you lose all the Tatkal Confirmation chances. In waiting list tickets you have chance that the TQWL1 up to 5 gets confirmed when charting is done, it’s all your luck.

I get the tickets in the peak seasons using these tricks. If the IRCTC website does not load properly you cannot do anything but just wait for the response form the server

I’ve been successfully booking tatkal train tickets since last few years for myself as I love trains as much as Sheldon Cooper does! So, I assume I’m eligible to answer this.

  1. Use UPI for payment as it’s the fastest mode. If UPI service is down (It’s very rare, though), try again using Debit card with PIN mode.
  2. Paytm mobile application offers the most convenient and user friendly interface if you want to know about available trains, seat availability, timings or fare. But while booking, use IRCTC only.
  3. Most probably, you’ll have two opportunities to book a tatkal ticket:
    1. One day before the departure from your boarding station.
    2. Two day before the departure from your boarding station. This way is possible only if there is a train available which arrives at your boarding station on second day after commencement from source station.
  4. If you have multiple trains to choose from and want to increase the probability of confirmation, prefer the one having:
    1. Less intermediate stations and shorter route.
    2. More number of seats available for tatkal quota. You’ll be able to see the number of seats few minutes before booking.
    3. Slightly more fare than other trains.
  5. Access IRCTC in browser of your device instead of mobile application. It’s faster and more reliable.
  6. Don’t login using multiple accounts and divert your mind on more than one devices. Alternatively, make sure that you have high speed internet.
  7. Better to use your own IRCTC account, as the new security scheme asks date of birth, registered email id and phone number linked to the account while booking.
  8. Login 5 minutes before the time (10 and 11 AM respectively for AC and non-AC). Select tatkal quota and hit on the Check availability and fare link exactly on the designated time.
  9. Fill master passengers list beforehand and use it later while booking instead of manually filling all the passenger details.
  10. This one is totally optional. You can do this if you feel that there is a little chance of confirmation and you’re willing to pay more than the actual fare:
    1. Keep the last station of the train as your destination.
    2. Keep the source station as boarding station while booking and change it later. But you can change your boarding station only before 24 hours before the journey starts. So, if the difference between the time you book and start journey is less than 24 hours, don’t do it.
    3. Select premium tatkal quota instead of tatkal. People prefer it less because of dynamic fare.
  11. Use NTES for live tracking of trains. It’s very accurate. Moreover, you can track it live on the map. It also shows platform number for most of the trains.
  12. Use etrain to know the past running history of the train you are choosing. It shows the delay at particular station during last few days, weeks or months with graphics.

Happy booking!

Edit: As suggested in the comments, you can use the Chrome extensions to auto-fill the details. But there are few problems:

  1. If somehow it’s not feasible to book tatkal tickets using desktop, you have to do it from the smartphone.
  2. Most of these extensions are from untrusted developers or organisations and depreciate over the time.

The Tatkal booking starts at 10AM IST for AC Coaches and 11AM for Non AC Coaches on the day before the Journey date. Tatkal Charges are applicable based on the Booking Class (1AC, 2AC…)

There are two types of Tatkal Bookings

Premium Tatkal: This Tatkal type is available in very few Trains currently. Fare is Dynamic for this type, based on the number of seats available, the fare will change.

For example: First 25% of availability will be charged a fare and the next 25% of availability will be charged a higher fare and goes on.

For booking done through Dynamic Fare, the users should be cautious enough since the fare may change till the payment is initiated.


Normal Tatkal: The Fare remains constant irrespective of the availability, the most difficult part of Tatkal reservation


How to book tatkal ticket fast in new irctc website



1. Internet speed

The Bandwidth preferably should be 15Mbps and above and this probably increases the chances of getting a Confirmed Ticket.

2. LAN

Avoid using Wifi, rather connect to LAN. Though Wifi is more advanced compared to LAN and is mostly used everywhere, by using LAN the Network speed remains constant and there is no N/W level disturbances.

3. Save Username and Password

Always save your username and passwords of IRCTC Login in your endorsed browser

4. Five minutes prior to booking

There are lot of advantages while Logging 5 minutes prior,

IRCTC websites when left Idle for more than certain minutes, the session will automatically expire. So logging 30 minutes before, being ideal and booking would be no use. Instead Logging 5 minutes would be more preferred

5. Source and Destination

By knowing the Source and Destination codes it would be easy during the booking especially when logging 5 minutes prior to booking time instead of searching for the source and destination station codes

6. IB (Internet Banking)

Have an account with a Bank which has the best IB in terms of performance. May be Tier 1 banks. Since the OTP for the Transaction should be received in very quick time

7. Mobile Connectivity

Make sure that network strength is good for receiving the OTP in a quick manner

8. Higher availability

Check for the Train which has the highest availability of Tatkal ticket for the travel due to which the probability of getting a Ticket would be higher

9. Patience

Higher degree of Patience is required when booking a Tatkal. Losing the Patience may lead to pressing Back and Refresh buttons which Terminates the session

10. Master List

Ensure the addition of Passenger’s Name in the Master List (prior to booking) which reduces the Typo Time during booking whereby the selection of passengers can be made directly from the Booking



1. E-wallet

Avoid using e-wallet provided by railways. The OTP received through them are Slower when compared to IB

2. Refresh

Avoid refreshing often during the Status change from Available to Book Now

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