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6 Secrets to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

6 Secrets to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

06 Eye Exercises To Help Improve Your Vision

1. Say no to lack of sleep.

According to a saying “Eyes is the window to your soul”. We need our eyes every second of our life. Our eyes are very important and yet most fragile in our organs. But there are times or even most of the time that we took it for granted. We overuse our eyes. I’ll give some examples of how our eyes are taken for granted. The excessive using and surfing on the internet such as social media, online games, listening to the music and watching online videos. Too much watching of TV and playing mobile games on your phone most of the time can destroy our eyes. We forgot that too much using it can affect our eyes because of radiation. Many people are enjoying doing it as their hobby but the happiness you felt while playing or doing it will not last forever. Yes, we felt a satisfying feeling about that but always remember that our eyes need to take care also. Without our eyes, we can’t do what we want to do. I do believe that “Health is wealth “So, I will share some 6 helpful advices on how to keep our eyes healthy.

We should be aware that lack of sleep can not only affect our health but also our organ system to be specific is our eyes. One of the signs of having loss of sleep is the dark part under our eyes or also known as Eye bags. People get it because of incomplete sleep because of their paper works, Home works or some presentation that they need to finish. They are also conditions that one of the symptoms is having an incomplete of Sleep such as Eye spasms, popped blood vessels, and dry eyes and worst is glaucoma. Eye spasm or also known as Myokymia is an involuntarily twitches of the eyes. Although it can’t damage the vision it is not good to have this kind of condition. The Popped Blood vessels because of Eye strain and also known as Asthenopia. The symptoms of this condition are Fatigue, Headache, blurred and occasional double vision. Dry eyes or Keratoconjunctivitis sicca and also known as KJS.It is Occur when the eyes are not producing enough tears or tears are evaporating quickly. The cause of this condition is by wearing contact lens, Lack of vitamin A and gland dysfunction. And the last one is glaucoma. According to a study, this condition will result in damaging optic nerve and loss of vision. It is also called The “Silent Thief of sight “because the visions will lose slowly in a long period of time. There is a lot of cause and effect by having an incomplete of sleep and while it’s early we should be aware of how to keep our eyes healthy.

2. Always present in Eye checkup.

It is not good to go in the hospital when there’s already a problem in our eyes. It is very important to visits doctor especially ophthalmologist check our eyes regularly. For us to know if there’s a problem in our eyes and to help us to prevent it early. There are a lot of eye exams such as Eye chart, cover test, color blindness test, Ocular motility testing (eye movement), Retinoscopy, stereopsis test or also known as Depth perception test and the refraction. Actually, there is a lot of eye test to check our eyes but the best thing is how to prevent it.  Learn how to keep our eyes healthy and be motivated every day of our life. We need to take care of our eyes as early as we can.

3. Stop smoking.

I saw a commercial of cigarettes saying that cigarettes smoking are dangerous to your health. And yes it is true. A lot of people smoke because according to them it helps them to relax. When they are facing a problem or depression about issues of their life there’s an eagerness for them to smoke. But we should put in our mind that Many People is only aware that smoking can affect our Heart and Lungs. But they are not aware that it also affects our eyes by losing the vision. Some studies say that smoking can increase the risk of a person who smokes to have cataracts, glaucoma and Dry eyes condition. It is better to quit on this kind of hobby while it is early. Once you already decided to quit on it, you can consult your doctor for him or she can prescribe a medication or nicotine replacement therapy. In addition, Cigarettes contain a toxin that increases the risk of vision loss by up to four times. Smoking also causes Oxidative stress and can damage your retina. Smoking is really dangerous to your health and it is very risky to make it a hobby.

4. Love healthy foods and hate the unhealthy.

In changing a lifestyle in taking care our eyes, you should choose between love and Hate. Love the Healthy foods such as Fruits, Vegetables, and glasses of milk or all foods that rich in Vitamin A. Hate the Unhealthy food such as Junk food or foods that have not have nutrients. Changing lifestyle or changing our food habits not easy. You need to have a discipline and determination to succeed in it. In maintaining good eyesight you need leafy vegetables like collards and spinach. Fish like tuna and other oily fish. Eggs, beans, and other nonmeat protein are should also include on your plate. For fruits, It is better to have an orange and other citrus fruits. Take note, you can also do it as juice. Love and Hate are very risky to do but you are doing it for your Health. So it is good to be choosy in choosing what you will eat than to take a risk in eating unhealthy food that will destroy your health.

5. Always use eye protection.

Do not forget to wear eyeglasses to protect our eyes from dust and dirt when we are outside. It is good to choose eyeglasses with UV protection to help our eyes to protect against sun protection. You can buy it in a mall or in an optical store. Always choose the perfect eyeglasses for your eyes. It will also help us to have a confidence whenever you are wearing it. Actually, there are two kinds of lenses to choose from.

First are the Wraparound lenses that can help us to protect our eyes from the side and the Polarized lenses help us to reduce glare when you are driving. Remember that even you are working you must wear an eyewear also. Workers who experience eye injuries saying that the major reason why they got that kind of injury is that they are not wearing eye protection or they are wearing but it is not the right kind of eye protection. You need to wear eye protection when you are working with chemicals, radiation or in project tiles.

People who work in construction, mining, welding, auto repair shop should wear an eye protection to protect their eyes away from dust or other particles. In protecting your eyes from injury you must know the safety policy at your work, proper eyewear protection should wear every time you are at work and always make sure to check your eye protection before you start to work. Even you are young you need to know how to keep your eyes healthy. You don’t need to be a Doctor for you to know how to keep your eyes in danger. You just need to learn and be interested in taking care of it.

While you are young make sure you have time in Taking care of your health. You need to know the basic thing to do in protecting your health. Your Wealth is depending on your Health. How can you work if you are not feeling well? While its early learning how to protect it.

6. Study about eye exercise.

There are a lot of exercises to improve our vision or to prevent eye problem. You just need to be patient in reading some articles about eye health protection. The problem to some people is they are lazy in reading helpful articles to guide them in taking care of their health. Instead, they are wasting their time to read some gossips about someone.

They are not giving attention or interest to improve their health. It is not a good idea and of course not a good attitude for a person. You can do this exercise wherever you are, Even you are at home or at work. But before doing exercise you must first prepare your eyes for exercise. You should talk to your optometrist to know and consult about the eye exercises. Second, put your palm in your eyes it will help to reduce stimuli in the brain and in your eyes,

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Do it in 1-2 minutes. The third is massaging your eyes it will help for blood circulation in the eyes. Then you can proceed in doing the exercises such as Practicing in zooming your eyes; Do the eye near and far focusing, Making a figure with your eyes, The rhythmic eye movements, directional exercises and end your exercise in palming. There are many exercises that help to improve our eyesight. You can search it on any social media or read some articles about that topic.

Keeping your eyes Healthy it does not only help you in improving your vision but it will help you to prevent some complication or serious condition about the eye. It is important to protect our eyes while we are young.  If you are at 20/20 vision, I suggest that don’t wear contact lenses to protect your eyes.  If you use contact lenses for Fashion well there are other ways to be called Fashionable.

Remember that Health is important above all. You need to take care of your health not only for yourself but also to the people who are depending on you. Health is Wealth and always takes care on it.


Rocelyn Sapeda is a strategic content writer at who loves to inspire the readers that “Health is Wealth “ She’s a biggest fan of writers who can inspire people and She writes about tips on about health, Fitness and Healthcare and She do amazing works on it.


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