Rudest celebrity in Bollywood

When a Sikh Gentleman Shamed Katrina Kaif in Flight over her Rudeness

Katrina Kaif - The rudest celebrity in Bollywood
Indians already know that Katrina Kaif is the WORST ACTOR in Bollywood, but do you know that she is also the rudest actress of Bollywood !
She is the most Rudest , hated, arrogant celebrity in the entire bollywood, and we prove it with real life incident that happened with Vatsal Trivedi

“Known as the Queen of tantrums this actor has often been in news for her outbursts. According to a report on Mid-day, Katrina Kaif once created quite a scene in an aircraft when an airhostess tapped her and woke her from her sleep to ask her to fasten the seat belt. The Fitoor actor yelled at her for touching her and made sure the airhostess apologized to her.”- Ravish B

Vatsal Trivedi, who is a good friend of mine narrates this incident:

“It was a first time experience which I was going to witness to while coming back to Mumbai from London by a Jet Airways flight couple of years ago. I was upgraded to Business class due to my frequent flyer miles in my vacations and was enjoying the classy service on flight, when I noticed a bit of hustle and rustle among the passengers who were looking with awe at the terminal entrance.

And walks in Ms.Kaif.

Katrina Kaif - The rudest celebrity in Bollywood
Katrina Kaif – The rudest celebrity in Bollywood

She was with her entourage, that time was when she just had struck gold with some hit movies and was seemingly dating Mr.Khan. She made herself comfortable on her seat along with her manager beside her. She looked a little bit tired, though she looked as beautiful as she looked on the screen. I was about three seats ahead and cross to her.

As the flight took off, her tantrums started, she didn’t give direct instructions to the airline staff and directed them through her manager only. She was probably in a bad mood and yelled at her manager a couple of times and once to an extent to saying something nasty to the airline staff.

Sometime later, when the things were a bit settled down, a kid probably 8–10 years old walked towards her from the economy class with a pen and a notebook for autograph. It seemed she was in a deep sleep..

Katrina Kaif - The rudest celebrity in Bollywood
Katrina Kaif – The rudest celebrity in Bollywood

and probably disturbed her by calling her ‘Aunty’.

She just yelled on the poor kid “How dare you call me Aunty? Don’t you know who I am? How can the staff be so irresponsible? I am gonna complain!”. The poor kid just stood stunned as the airline staff ran to her rescue. The kid with tears in his eyes ran back to his seat.

After a minute or so, a Sikh gentleman walked hurriedly in the business class and towards Ms.Kaif’s seat. Her manager tried to intervene, but the gentleman just gestured her to stop and exclaimed Ms.Kaif in a agitated voice while the airline staff came running


and walked back in the same way as he had came followed by a tremondous applause. I clapped for that gentleman too, and nothing came out of Ms.Kaif’s mouth, not even a sorry.

The rest of the flight was uneventful and whenever I tried to look towards Ms.Kaif, I found her sleeping with her head towards the window.”

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