Shraddha Kapoor’s Viral Foot Massage Youtube Video

She is known as very open minded about the Foot Fetish

Shraddha Kapoor (Bollywood Actress ) went bare feet in an exclusive interview. She even admitted having a Foot Fetish and have posed with naked feet and toes. Shradhha’s feet are white or Gore (in hindi), and a big turn on for her fans !.Shraddha Kapoor looked smart and sexy as ever in her coolest avatar ever

Shraddha Kapoor FOOT MASSAGE Video gone Viral

. . Shraddha picked up a light blue jacket for this look which gave her look a lot more hotter and sexier.

Her FOOT MASSAGE video gone viral over internet. She is known as very open minded about the Foot Fetish. She has admitted in an Interview that if her Fans like her feet then, its a compliment for her. When one of her fan requested her to post a Candid Video of getting Foot Massage. She posted this video up on internet. It has been taken down from her Twitter account, but we save such precious moments FOREVER.

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