“Stree” Movie Ending Explained – Climax Scene Meaning ?

Ok, you have watched “Stree”, no doubt its a gr8 movie. But you are here because you couldn’t put pieces together and still have confusion over what the heck happened in end?

What does the ending of Stree (2018) mean?
What do you think is the ending of the movie ‘Stree‘?
What is the ending of the ‘Stree‘ movie?
What is the end of ‘Stree‘ Movie?

The ending of, perhaps one of the most entertaining Hindi Movie of 2018 ‘Stree’ puzzled you?

Let’s demystify together.

Ready? Here we go!

Most people had a common misconception after ending of this awesome movie, Shraddha Kapoor is real Stree.

But sorry to disappoint you, my friend. She is not.


Once Shraddha said, She can’t kill ‘Stree’ if she had the power to execute her then she might have done this job.

Fact is, A witch can’t kill another witch. That’s why! She couldn’t kill her.

So, She needed a person as described by the Writer of Chanderi Puran to perform this courageous job. She knew from the very beginning about hidden characteristics of Rajkumar Rao, that’s why she trapped him in her ridiculous love.

How Shraddha knew about ‘Rakshak of Chanderi’?

Remember some pages were missing in that book. Perhaps, She was the reason behind missing pages.

Now, you might have a question about the last visit of real Stree in Chanderi?

In the ending scene, Stree saw her own statue at the entrance of Chanderi, and she was pleased by given due respect by people of Chanderi.

Why was she not dead after losing her source-of-power ponytail?

When Rajkumar was about to pierce her heart with the magical knife of Shraddha. Somehow, Rajkumar couldn’t stab her, at the very moment Shraddha said,

Just cut her ponytail, by cutting her ponytail Stree will lose her massive power but she will alive. That’s why she was not dead but she was powerless.

Another concept, A witch will die after cutting of ponytail but Stree was alive even losing her source of power. That means she was just a ghost, not a witch.

Now time for your final question. Then who the hell was Shraddha?

She was another power-hungry witch. You definitely noticed her supernatural power throughout the movie.

Bottomline: Shraddha needed ponytail of powerful Stree to be a more powerful witch.

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